1.2 Booking of Deliveries

All deliveries must be booked at minimum 72hr in advance of the delivery window. If delivery has not been booked, it will not be accepted by our Fulfillment Centre. It is the responsibility of suppliers and their nominated carriers to have the correct documentation and booking reference number. THE ICONIC Fulfillment Centre will refuse any delivery that is not labelled, referenced or booked correctly.

  1. All booking requests must be made online by 'Submit a request' via our Supplier Delivery Service.
  2. One individual booking request must be created on brand level, per department for the delivery made on the day.
  3. You will receive delivery authorisation within 1 working day including the booking reference number.
  4. THE ICONIC will consider the desired delivery date, but cannot guarantee it. The delivery date stated in the confirmation email is final and cannot be changed unless agreed with THE ICONIC.
  5. Ensure to clearly indicate the booking reference number on the outside of each outer packaging.

Important: Ensure the delivery content matches 100% with the documentation provided. Include with your booking:

  • Copy of tax invoice
  • A Packing list is required, if no size breakdown is provided on the invoice.
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