2.1 Individual Packaging and Article Labelling

1. All goods must be individually packed in protective, secure and durable packaging, labelled and fully sealed.

2. Multiple goods may not be packed together in the same packaging (in particular multipacks). In addition, the goods and packaging may not be supplied separately.

3. Supplier to assign a globally unique bar code to each article. The bar code should be created according to GS1 EAN/UPC standard, a 13-digit or 12-digit numeric code unique to article style, colour and size level. The bar code should be clearly readable so any scanner can recognise it –test this at your premises.

4. Both the individual goods and their packaging must be clearly labelled with the following content and format:

a. Label:

  • Dimensions: 75mm (L) X 35mm (H)

b. Font:

  • Type: Arial
  • Size: 9
  • Bold

c. Barcode:

  • Dimensions: 50mm (L) X 12mm (H)
  • Font size of EAN/UPC code: 22

d. Label information:

  • Style description
  • Style code
  • Colour name
  • Size
  • EAN/UPC Barcode

5. Labels should be attached to the product and on the top right corner of the individual polybag or protective packaging. Swing tags should be clearly visible through the packaging. Barcodes for shoes must be visible outside the box and not covered when the lid is closed.

6. Prices must NOT be stated on the individual items or their packaging.

7. Special considerations for packing the following:

a) Set Goods
Classified as a sales unit containing more than one article. If individual articles are supplied as set goods, all individual articles of the set must be complete and packed in a manner (e.g. polybag) that the set as such is ready for delivery on to the end consumer. With the EAN/UPC specified for the entire set and each article of the set must be marked with the set EAN/UPC.

b) Hygiene Articles
In accordance with our Hygiene standards and in line with THE ICONIC Returns Policy, the items listed below must be delivered in individual polybags and fully sealed with a plastic heat sealer.
‐ Earrings
‐ Hair Accessories (e.g. Headbands, Hair ties, Pins and all other accessories that are to be
worn with the hair)
‐ Footwear Accessories (e.g. sole inserts for shoes)
‐ Swimwear (in addition must have Hygiene Strip Inserts attached)

c) Fragile & Security Room Products
Security Room (SR) products refer to any articles of the following category and having a net purchase price of AUD 100.00 or higher.
‐ Jewellery
‐ Sunglasses
‐ Wallets and purses
‐ Watches
Outer cartons that contain fragile and SR products, need to be labelled with a fragile sticker and the packaging needs to be non-destructive and unbreakable. Fragile and products include sunglasses, jewellery and watches.

d) Hanging Goods
Hanging goods according to THE ICONIC are articles found in the following group and/or made of silk or leather. Unless otherwise stated here, we will not accept other articles in hanging condition.
‐ Suits
‐ Blazer
‐ Jacket
‐ Coat
‐ Dress


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