2.3 Delivery to the Fulfillment Centre

Deliveries must be booked in for the intended arrival date, with the booking to be made at least 48 hours before arrival date. Deliveries must be packed and labelled appropriately for travel and fit for purpose of receiving at our Fulfillment Centre. Deliveries made outside of the dock hours will be rejected and re-booking is required.

Deliveries will also be rejected if:

  • Shipment does not present ICONIC PO Number
  • Shipment does not have a booking 
  • Zendesk booking is not for current date (i.e. shipment arrives earlier or later than indicated on the Zendesk booking)
  • Total number of physical cartons in shipment does not match carton count on Booking Report
  • Shipment is damaged
  • Pallet is deemed to be packaged dangerously
  • Shipment arrives outside of operating dock hours (dock open hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 3:30pm (excluding public holidays). Full container deliveries must be received PRIOR to 1:00pm)

Goods remain in the suppliers risk and responsibility until delivered and accepted by THE ICONIC’s Quality Check. In addition:

  • Packed appropriately for travel
  • Properly identified as to the nature of the goods, including clear description of product and whether the goods are considered Hazardous / Dangerous Goods for transportation.

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