2.4 Refusal of Acceptance and Damages

1. THE ICONIC therefore reserves the right to refuse the deliveries of goods, in particular in the following cases:

  • Missing or Defective Documents or Data
  • delivery without booking or PO reference
  • goods to be delivered and/or Invoice/Packing List do not match the goods advised
  • Defective Delivery
  • delivery without ASN or booking confirmation
  • delivery outside the delivery date agreed by booking confirmation
  • Suspicion of theft in particular packaging appears tampered
  • partial delivery
  • Errors Regarding Loading, Transport and/or Product Quality
  • The unloading cannot be conducted without endangering personnel
  • The goods dedicated for THE ICONIC are not freely accessible on the truck and therefore not unloadable without disruption
  • Non-compliance with the domestic pallet loading plan and/or the container loading plan (cf. Appendix 02 –Domestic Pallet Loading Plan & Appendix 03 – Container Loading Plan);
  • transport damage
  • visibly defective goods

2. THE ICONIC also reserves the right to make additional claims for damages in accordance to statutory provisions. In addition, THE ICONIC reserves the right to demand of the supplier reimbursement for expenses incurred by THE ICONIC as a result of any refusal of delivery or return of the goods in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and these Delivery Instructions.


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