3.1 Mandatory Invoice Attributes

In order to be able to process payments quickly and accurately THE ICONIC requires an invoice to include the below mandatory fields:

  • Suppliers Invoice Number
  • Bank details and ABN
  • Date of invoice
  • Brand
  • Supplier
  • THE ICONIC Purchase Order number
  • Contact name at THE ICONIC
  • Delivery Address
  • EAN/UPC Number
  • Style Code
  • Full Item description
    • Full colour/pattern description
    • Size (numeric or alpha format)
    • Quantity breakdown by size
    • Cost / GST / discount (per unit & Total)

The price specified in the Purchase Order is inclusive of all labelling, packaging and delivery costs but exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Therefore there should be no freight value indicated on supplier invoices.

The invoice MUST reflect the goods delivered. i.e. if the full Purchase Order cannot be fulfilled in one delivery, as agreed with THE ICONIC Buyer, the invoice must be adjusted to reflect the goods being delivered.


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