2.2 Transport Packaging, Sorting and Labelling

Cartons must be packed as ONE SKU per Carton, in the event that ONE SKU does not make an entire carton, other sizes or colours within the same style can be mixed in the same carton with clearly identifiable inner packaging or divider packed in the same carton. Any cartons of mixed content must be clearly labelled on the carton.

Each outer carton must be labelled with:

  • Sender details (supplier and brand)
  • Purchase Order number
  • ASN ticket number (obtained from Zendesk delivery request)
  • Delivery date
  • Carton number / number of cartons

Pallets must be shrink wrapped all pallets and apply DO NOT BREAK DOWN labels or markings. This is to prevent carriers breaking down pallets for consolidation. In the event where the goods Origin is known to have water damage, pallets must be prepared with pallet cover to mitigate shipment from water damage.

The maximum weight per outer carton is 20 kg. The gross weight must be displayed on outer carton markings. Any individual packages and products exceeding 12kg total weight must be displayed with a “HEAVY” sticker indicating gross weight. Pallets must be packed with ONE SKU per pallet. In the event that ONE SKU does not make an entire pallet, cartons of the same SKU should be stacked together, followed by cartons of another SKU grouped together.

For your convenience you may download and use the attached Carton Label Template below.

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