2.2 Transport Packaging, Sorting and Labelling

1. The maximum weight per outer carton is 20 kg. The gross weight must be displayed on outer carton markings. Any individual packages and products exceeding 12kg total weight must be displayed with a “HEAVY” sticker indicating gross weight.

2. Each carton must only contain items of the following:

  • the same brand
  • the same style
  • the same colour, and
  • the same size

If there is still excess space in an outer carton, it may be filled up in the following order. However must be separated by a divider:

  • articles of the same style, but in another size
  • then articles of the same style, but in another colour, and
  • lastly mixed styles per carton only permissible for any residual product (e.g. articles of another style and then also another colour and size).

Any cartons of mixed content must be clearly labelled on the carton.

3. Each outer (hanging bags, satchels or cartons) must be labelled with:

  • Sender details (supplier and brand)
  • Purchase Order number
  • ASN ticket number (obtained from Zendesk delivery request)
  • Delivery date
  • Carton number / number of cartons

For your convenience you may download and use the attached Carton Label Template below.

4. All deliveries made with CHEP pallets must be presented with a CHEP docket for exchange or the delivery as a whole will be rejected. If a delivery is made on a plain or non-standard pallet (CHEP), it will be at the discretion of THE ICONIC’s Receiving officer to give an equal exchange of a plain or non-standard pallet.

NB: The Fulfilment Centre does not accept or exchange LOSCAM pallets.

5. Packaged products must be in compliance with all Australian and New Zealand regulations and safety standards, including the Trade Measurement Regulations.

6. Pallets contain only one booking/Purchase Order where applicable. Should the supplier have numerous bookings to deliver and wishes to consolidate the pallets, each booking should be clearly labelled with individual Purchase Order that are visible on the exterior carton.

A packing list summary for each pallet should be attached to the pallet.

The supplier will not exceed the size of the pallet with its packaging. The maximum packaging height is 180 cm, including the height of the pallet. Each pallet is to be bound with stretch film to secure its load.

7. Hanging goods can be delivered in the following manner:

THE ICONIC prefers carriers who deliver the articles on hangers in the truck. If a delivery relates to several booking numbers, the articles are to be grouped in accordance with their booking numbers. All unit inners must be individually bagged, sealed and labelled.

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