THE ICONIC is pleased to greet you as a valued partner. To guarantee that the delivery into our Fulfillment Centre works smoothly for both parties and ensures we remain true to our customers, your compliance with THE ICONIC Delivery Instructions described here is essential.

The commercial relationship between THE ICONIC and our suppliers shall be governed and read in conjunction with THE ICONIC’s Terms and Conditions of Purchase. The Terms and Conditions cover key commercial aspects of THE ICONIC's trading relationships, such as payment terms, circumstances in which goods may be refused by reason of defects, and the consequences of late and non-compliant deliveries.

It is a condition of supplying to THE ICONIC that our Terms and Conditions and Mandatory Delivery Instructions described here are adhered to. By using this service, you indicate your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Please take the time and read the below sections. You may then proceed to 'Submit a Request' on the top right hand bar. There is no login required.


As part of our continuous improvement on the Zendesk Booking portal, we have updated instructions to better define and retrieve specific information for booking deliveries into our Fulfilment Centre. This enables us to provide more efficient confirmation responses. The changes implemented are as below:

Existing Fields:

● Definition of Incoterm (i.e. DDP = Delivery Duty Paid)
● Preferred Delivery Date (to the Fulfilment Centre)
● Contact Details:

- DDP Vendors: Name, phone, email and delivery instructions
- Non-DDP Vendors: Full pick up address, instructions and contact details (name, phone, email)

Additional Fields:

● Carton Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (Non DDP related vendors)
● Cubic Metres (Non DDP vendors)
● Weights in Kg (Non DDP vendors)
● Ex Factory Date (Non DDP vendors)

For any questions relating to the above, please contact via email: vm@theiconic.com.au
For any queries related to international booking deliveries, please contact via email: vmlogistics@theiconic.com.au

IMPORTANT: Commencing 5th March 2018, please be advised of the following;

Deliveries that are less than a container load are now to be made via Dock 7 (20 meters down from previous Delivery Dock 4).

Deliveries that are full container loads, are continued to be made via Dock 4.